Social Media marketing - using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Google+ - needs to form part of any marketing plan across the marketing mix. Do you really need a Digital Marketing Plan? And if your business needs a plan - why does it have to included social media?

Why Digital Marketing & Social Media?

Every business - big, small, startup or established brand needs a digital marketing strategy. It’s crucial for your marketing and sales plan (even if you don’t have one) to include digital marketing and social media.

Social Media is an over-arching umbrella term, collectively social media includes digital marketing channels from e-mail to picture sharing and social networks. It’s social if users can upload stuff, share this content and rate or make comments.

Your business and the brands you work for need to contribute these social networks. This is why you need a digital strategy.

Digital Marketing (and social media) pays off. Don’t worry about calculating the RoI before getting into digital marketing, you’ll quickly find reports and data analysis will show that digital marketing drives traffic to your website, traffic to your shops and helps other customers.

Rule 2 of a Social Media Marketing Plan - you have to be using social media to grow your business. It’s part of every aspect of your Marketing & Sales Plans.