Social Media Marketing presents the opportunity to try a number of different social networks and promote or market in these as appropriate.

Each social network has its own pro’s and con’s such as Twitter is more like a broadcast, one way radio and a Facebook fan page can create conversations that people can easily follow and read.

When you start out with social media marketing, the best sites to start with are:

Initially keep your posts or tweets brief and friendly - you don’t want to start a Twitter account and find out you’re only getting customers wanting support or help. Far out  - suddenly you just created 5 new marketing channels to manage, nurture and support, but don’t worry it doesn’t take that much time.

A good way to start is to integrate your social media activities across the marketing mix and create interest in each social network. Your customers may use Facebook all the time but not use Twitter, so sharing a link to your Twitter page is a good idea. Ultimately, your website should have links to all your social media networks. Of course you can start by posting or sharing the same blog, news or tweet on all your social media channels.

The worst mistake to make is creating accounts on different social networks and letting them lie idle and die. This can lead to customer unhappiness if they try to connect with your brand and get no response. Ultimately, review your social media marketing plan and stop using accounts that dont fit your aims.

Rule Number 6 - Cross pollinate and promote your social media activities in Twitter, Facebook and your Website

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