The start of any social media plan should actually be the end - by that I mean decide on the goals or what you want to achieve. Any good marcomm person or project planner will thank you for this.

So what are good outcomes? what do you want to achieve? If you’re starting out in Social Media Marketing you’ll be wanting to get your ‘profile page’ or fan pages just right, get some friends and get some traction. If you’ve been using social networks for some time, then you’ll want to be looking at mentions, retweets and maybe converting these followers and fans to legit paying customers.

From the outset of writing this series of articles on Rules for Social Media Marketing, I was doing this with the purpose of sharing some experiences and insights. I didn’t set unrealistic expectations like getting 100,000 new fans (though of course dear reader, please retweet and share this with your friends and community).

Rule 5 - start with the end in mind and be able to articulate what you want to achieve.

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