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2019 Where am I?

Hi there … yes, it’s been awhile – but I’m back and just trying to figure out what I will do with this site.

In the meantime, social media and digital marketing has moved on – so most of my content is on Instagram. Don’t get me started about Twitter. Do people still use it? or just bots?

SharePoint 2013 & Internet Explorer keeps crashing

Internet Explorer 11 recently started to crash every time I visited my SharePoint 2013 site and a SharePoint 2010 site.

I had recently updated Internet Explorer, Office and Lync communicator.  I was pretty sure the error was with one of these updates.

The error is Internet Explorer has stopped working – you can close the error and the page tries to reload, but will crash again,

I re-ran the Office Updater (Go to Control Panel > Add / Remove Programmes) and selected repair. This process took about 20 mins.  After this, the error has stopped.


HT: an earlier post from Marc Anderson on a similar topic.

SharePoint Site Settings Page

The one SharePoint 2013 page I always want to get to easily is the Site Settings. The URL looks something like this is



The problem is that it is a mouthful to remember so I’m going to use AutoHotKey to remember this for me.

Hello 2016

Hello … It’s been a long time and now I’m back.

Things are going to change around here and I’ll be writing more about my experiences with SharePoint 2013 and less on WordPress.