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If you own a Mac and want to get started with Selenium for Automated Testing of your web apps, then you’re already most of the way there.

June 2020 - this article is out of date - checkout my newer posts on Automated Testing

The Mac operating system already offers a number of baked in solutions and command line tools like Python, Ruby and Java.

How To Install Selenium on your Mac OSx

Mac already has Python and a package manager called easy_install, so open Terminal and type

sudo easy_install selenium

You need to run this as Sudo / Root or it can’t create the folders in protected directories.

1st Selenium Test Script from Command Line

You need to have Firefox installed for this step …

Now open another Terminal / shell and type (press enter after each command)

from selenium import webdriver
driver = webdriver.Firefox()

If everything is setup, Firefox will open a new browser

To finish this test type driver.get("")

To exit Python type exit() and press enter.