If you’re reading and researching Why WordPress - you’ll probably see many articles focus on three words - Free, Simple & Easy. These words tell you nothing about WordPress and so I started writing this to help you decide to choose WordPress.

I started using WordPress in 2003 and I still have my hosted account London.WordPress.com. I switched to self-hosted in 2009.

For me, I’ve chosen WordPress because

  1. WordPress is something I use everyday
  2. I recommend WordPress to clients and friends
  3. WordPress integrates in a social media marketing strategy
  4. WordPress can morph from a blog to a website or a CMS
  5. Getting started is hassle-free


WordPress is right to use everyday

WordPress, it’s mobile app, plugins and 3rd party tools are improving - this makes WordPress something I enjoy using every day. I do mean every day of the week. If you’re current solution is more like an albatross around your neck. Then its time for a change.


I recommend WordPress

In considering any number of web content management systems and web-builder tools, the one I use everyday has to also be the one I’d recommend to friends. I know what it’s like to buy a product and realise that you got the Beta and not the VHS brand.

I can honestly recommend WordPress as I installed and tested a number of CMS solutions from Drupal to Dolphin - before I stuck with WordPress. I recommend WordPress because

  • It scales from a blog to website
  • It integrates into any social media marketing strategy
  • It has a large number of extensions, plugins & themes
  • I use it everyday 🙂

WordPress integrates into a social media marketing strategy

Actually, for me, WordPress can be the heart of your social media marketing strategy. It is easy to find plugins or extension which allow you to

  • Post articles direct to Facebook, Twitter
  • Enable sign-up for an email marketing lists
  • Share content to 100’s of social networks
  • Easily subscribe to RSS Feeds
  • Turn WordPress into your own community and social network.
  • Ingest or import content from other social media sites like Flickr, Delicious, YouTube and Slideshare
  • Track and analyse your social media marketing

WordPress can morph from a Blog to Website to CMS

WordPress has evolved from just another blogging tool … out of the box you have can create static pages and sticky articles - you can also categorise and tag articles any which way you like.

Newer WordPress features (and WooThemes like I use) also have something called custom post types - these are additional content types which can be used to create new categories and content management options.



Getting Started is Hassle Free

You can get started with WordPress right now - incredibly. Using WordPress.com you can have your own WordPress blog or website up and running in about 5 mins. This is sometimes called WordPress hosted

This gives you a hassle free approach to trying out WordPress … if you’re looking to install and use the self-hosted WordPress solution — then many Hosting Providers like Evohosting have free tools to install WordPress.

While many web tools and content management systems can also claim to be easy or hassle free — you’d struggle to demo or trial many of them without first having to learn to install them.


Have you started to use WordPress — or still deciding? Need more help? Then get in contact.