I just started to use GoSquared this week - If you’ve got a high traffic website (well any website really) and want some real-time web analytics or insights - then you better get started with a FREE GoSquared account today. Using GoSquared I can watch as visitors come and go.

Free Web Analytics & insights

GoSquared monitors and analyses your website’s traffic in real-time - and you can watch all the action in the LiveStats console - which is like a 3 part Heads-Up Display. You just add another Tracking Code in your webpages.

Trends provides something similar to Google Analytics dashboard - while I prefer Google Analytics for the data-mining - Trends is a good snapshot of what’s popular.

The asynchronous tracking code does not impact your sites performance - but I haven’t tested this against any caching plugins.

A GoSquared free account allows you to monitor 1 website with 10,000 page views each month.

WordPress plugin of choice

Out of the box, I was prompted to install the WordPress plugin making this an all too easy choice. There are no widgets or dashboard.

  The real-time analytics makes GoSquared a must-have plugin to recommend for any WordPress install.

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