Get a good theme - it’s all about the instant appeal that any visitor has when they first land on your site. WordPress has many themes suited for social media marketing with a magazine layout, a featured panel and ready to go marketing plugins.

Why WordPress?

WordPress is one of the world’s most popular solutions for blogging

If you’re reading and researching Why WordPress - you’ll probably see many articles focus on three words - Free, Simple & Easy.  These words tell you nothing about WordPress and so I started writing this to help you decide to choose WordPress.

Best solution for starting a social media marketing strategy

What people don’t know is that WordPress is the best solution for getting started with a social media marketing strategy. Out of the box, WordPress is both a website and blog. The best themes already have widgets or plugins that make it easy to share, rate, converse and ‘relate’ to your customers.

Where to get a good theme?

There are too many themes to choose from - so you’re better of choosing a good theme.

Don’t just search for Free Themes - too many free themes now have extra PHP code to hijack your web site and turn it into a spam marketing tool for someone else.

Even if you want to start with a Free Theme from WooThemes you’ll at least find it to be a quality product - without any hidden virus or spam threats