Not sure where you were yesterday or last week? Map My Foursquare will show you.

Map My Foursquare is unique as it shows you all your recent check-ins – something no other Foursquare app does today.

When you create your map you can share this with your friends on Facebook and Twitter so they can be find out where you were.

Don’t worry, Map My Foursquare is concerned for your safety, so you have to login to your Foursquare before creating your map. This means your mum wont be able to find out where you really were at 4am.

You can come back each day or each week to refresh your check-in map and for now you can map all of your check-in history.

Map My Foursquare shows off what can be built using Bing Maps making it visually very different to other Foursquare maps you might already have tried.

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