To market to market to buy me a Foursquare - It’s that time of the year and your readers maybe thinking of shopping, overseas travels or going out for food. So be the expert you know you are and tell them where to go! These are good tips for anyone building an online social media identity who doesn’t have their own offices or is a mobile worker.

Last week I started a new series focused on Ideas using Foursquare for social media marketing with guides that will help increase customer satisfaction and improve retention.

Today, will be looking at how writers, journalists and bloggers can use social media marketing to offer some insights that leave your readers hanging off every written word.

Easy guide to Foursquare Marketing

Try these tips to give added value to your reputation and social media marketing

Claim your Identity on Foursquare

  1. Create your own ‘brand’ identity on Foursquare - it’s ok if your brand is ‘You’
  2. Put a Add To Do tip button on your website
  3. Cross promote Foursquare on your website, email news, Twitter, Facebook or printed material
  4. Tell your readers to put Foursquare on their mobile to discover places to go while they are away
  5. Checkin and leave tips at interesting locations just like locals or tourists do.
  6. Create offers on foursquare that help get people visiting your shop.
  7. Whenever you review a place add a link to the Foursquare short url (just like the Add to Do tip button).

Do you need help with Foursquare marketing? Let me manage your social media marketing? I’ll give you an individual proposal tailored to your needs.

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