I recently answered a question on LinkedIn Answers about workplace policies for staff and contractors. Policies should cover acceptable internet & email usage, social media and also mobiles or other tools of trade.

What information should be included in a new hire on-boarding tool kit (i.e., manual) for employees or contractors?

3 Policies every workplace should have for staff and new starters

You should have policies for-

  1. social media policy to explain what people can do at work
  2. internet and email usage policy so staff know its ok to use email or internet
  3. Cellphone or mobile policy be clear about who pays for what

I think in a positive world, such policies should talk about trust and transparency - so the tone should be positive for example:

‘we all use the internet and social media, so when you’re at work its ok to use these sites so long as you’re still getting your job done’

I have a [ id=”1534″ type=”post”]FREE social media policy[/] with guidelines which you can use.
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