Hugo Content Management Series

When I started using Hugo, I noticed a lack of plugins or shortcodes for lists of related or featured posts. Coming from the world of digital-marketing / content writers - I know it’s valuable to list: related posts, featured content, content in a series for your readers.

Shortcodes allow you write a code fragment in your markdown content, which then can embed images, content, forms, etc to be included - without the need to write lots of HTML or scripts.

In this article, you will

  1. Install the shortcode
  2. Learn to use
  3. Test and try it
  4. Resolve any issues you found

Shortcodes are saved to either of these locations

  1. your /<Hugo project>/ Layouts / Shortcodes
  2. your /<Hugo project>/ Theme / Theme Name / Layouts / Shortcodes

I prefer option 1 - in case you ever change the theme, you still have the shortcode

First we download the shortcode … then move the shortcode file to my preferred location

Here’s how to download ..

cd <your Hugo project>
git clone
mv hugo-content-shortcodes/series.html layouts/shortcodes

Note: If you don’t have git / don’t want to use it - then go download this and unzip / save it to your preferred location

How to Use

In markdown content the shortcode looks like ..

{{< series >}}

The front matter must include a series param for this to work and there are no options for this - it will list all articles in the series.

Test and Go …

So now you have the idea …

  1. Add the shortcode to one of your markdown files
  2. Check the series param is in the markdown file
  3. Commit your changes to Git
  4. Run Hugo server -D and browse to http://Localhost to check every thing is work fine

If you find a problem

  • do you have any series?

Did you find this helpful? Please let me know

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