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Since I started using Hugo, I’ve written on serving dynamic / responsive images from the cloud. Using a Hugo shortcode, Cloudinary [referral] will dynamically create images. You can easily add images, set title / alt tags and do other image transformations - without writing any code. This means no need to have multiple copies of the same image saved locally as part of a image srcset or writing raw html in your markdown files.

Shortcodes are saved to either the root of your Hugo site under Layouts or in your theme folder under layouts. I prefer the first - in case you change the theme, you still have the shortcode.

Install the Cloudinary Response Shortcode

First we download the shortcode … this will install it in my preferred location:

cd <your Hugo project>
git clone 
mv 573a4621f5e1e0436e5157a17731b5ed/cld-response.html layouts/shortcodes

Note: If you don’t have git / don’t want to use it - then go download this Gist and unzip / save it to your preferred location

How to Use

The shortcode looks like

{{< cld-response "/path_to/image.png "Your Alt and Title" w_auto style >%}}

Use this and replace the standard markdown for image ![](path_to/image.png]


  • filename - enclose in quotes
  • width default to w_auto
  • Style - maybe add a border? Or default to width:90% - so that the image is constrained by the width of your content div.

Note: The assumes you have a bootstrap theme - and I include a .border class so images have the narrowest of borders.

Example This is a cld-responsive image with default options. Shortcode started out as

{{< cld-response "/blog/Ella_2014.jpg" >%}}

This is the result

Next Steps

I think I’ll play with this and allow image transformations so you can do this

If you liked this please STAR it on my Gist.

Cloudinary is a great place to store your images and serve them - have you read my other articles?

What have I said about Cloudinary?


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