Isotope Visual Layouts my plugin for WordPress will soon be updated to version 1.  This is a big milestone for me and from my perspective, the plugin will be ‘out of beta’.

I think, I have been talking about this for some time - but it’s been a bit harder for me to finish as I started a new job and need to commute out of London every day. I have also been working on another plugin and wanted to re-use what I have learnt / built from that project.


What’s coming in Isotope Visual Layouts v1.o?

Key features of the next release are:

  • Featured Image now included
  • Sticky Notes have a max-width but not a fixed height
  • New colour styles which you can select - Red, Yellow, Violet, Green, Blue, White, Orange
  • Isotope shortcode can now be used ‘safely’ anywhere - on a blog post, page.
  • Tested and it works well with WordPress Multisite
  • Tested with WordPress Twenty Twelve theme, WooThemes (latest theme / framework) and testing on Thesis framework.
  • Tested on WordPress up to v3.5 beta 1

Filtrify - an extension of Visual Layouts

I’m also finishing work on an extension for Isotope Visual Layouts. This will introduce a dropdown filter & navigation for Isotope Visual Layouts. You can see this in action on my website I’ve decided this will be a premium / paid for extension.


What features or how would you like this to be extended?

I’d like to hear from anyone who is using my Isotope plugin .. what features are you looking for? How do you want to see it extended?


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