WordPress is a great tool for Websites, Blogs, Ecommerce and pretty much anything else - Which is why Isotope Visual Layouts is such a great plugin. Now you can easily change your website without changing your theme.

How to Update / Upgrade

Isotope Visual Layouts lite - slightly newer name - has just had an update to v2 and if you already have it installed, you can get an update / upgrade from your Admin Plugin page (see image below).

Don’t worry - I’ve also just sent a nice email out to everyone who downloaded Isotope Visual Layouts previously -

So what’s new in v2?

  • A new name - it’s lite and it’s free
  • Added WordPress transient caching for performance
  • Fixed a potential plugin conflict
  • Rewrote the post query as WP_Query
  • Changed the jQuery behaviour from a CSS #id to a .class
  • and a few other things