First - thanks for your ‘patience’ Isotope Visual Layouts for WordPress will soon be turning 1.0 🙂

What’s coming up in v1.0

There are 3 big features in v1.0

  1. Custom update / upgrade notification (as the plugin is no longer hosted by WordPress)
  2. A variety of colour options for the Sticky Note Visual Layouts
  3. Changed the WP-Query so that it is smoother ( and faster ).

Want 50% off the Pro Licence? You’ll also be the first to get the new Isotope Visual Layouts v1.0

In advance of the release of v1.0, I’m offering 50% off a Pro licence*. The Pro Licence gives you the right to change the CSS and HTML generated by the plugin in anyway you like.

You can also get free e-mail support if you get stuck!.

*This means you pay about £5.