I recently started using Axure for wire framing and creating clickable prototypes. I enjoyed it so much that I started to put together my own project for the Apple iPad with masters and a basic set of wireframes.

FREE Download iPad Axure Project

Yes, it’s a free download and can be used under Creative Commons -  CC-Attribution and you can use it for commercial and non-commercial projects. Just let me know please.

Click to Download.

What’s Included in this project?

There are a number of masters that you can drag n drop into various wireframes. Much of this has been done straight in Axure so it doesn’t rely on any widget library or other things.

There is also a Word Doc template which I have ‘customised’ so run the Doc Generator and check it out.

  • iOS Home Screen
  • App Splash Screen
  • Loading screen
  • Split View Controller
  • Split view controller with search.
  • App Map / Flow Chart

Did you download this? then thanks - What do you think?