WordPress 3.3 is on its way - it’s entered public beta, which means you can download it and try it for yourself. Don’t try this at home if you’re new to WordPress.

WordPress 3.3 does a lot for admin and logged in users

WordPress 3.3 has some cool features - including much more work on the WordPress Toolbar for logged in users, changes to backend admin pages and minor improvements for multisite admins.

One cool feature is the floating layer used to point out new features. This is something made popular by Google and others, it should be useful to first time WordPress users.

Should I update to this beta?

As this is a beta you shouldn’t use this on any live site - but it does mean it’s pretty stable and useful.

To install the release candidate you need the  WordPress beta updates plugin and then just go to your updates sections.

Before you update any live site - backup

This is very easy to do from any logged-in wp-admin page - but you should always follow a simple process like this:

  1. Make sure you have a current WordPress database
  2. Enable your Maintenance mode page.
  3. Disable any / all plugins
  4. Run Backup
  5. Run update
  6. Update any plugins that also got updated
  7. Enable all plugins that you need
  8. Check for any bugs or other issues
  9. Disable your Maintenance Mode.

If you're still stuck - get in contact and I'll be happy to help you through

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