I’ve been playing around with scroll spy and re-creating this effect in Axure. Now, I’ve started to tackle responsive layout and browser width.

Axure is a great tool for making wireframes come to life - seriously. When you’re building a web or mobile application you’re better off with a complete clickable prototype then leaving your client guessing.

Responsive layout in Axure

This is a bit more complex - but start with a Dynamic Panel and (using the newer Axure v6.5b) select pin to browser. Make sure you pin it on the right hand side.

Then using scroll-spy / aka crazy flicker and some image map areas - you can detect when the browser width changes.

Hints - Next Steps?

The tricky part is columns and other objects that are stuck to the page. A way around this is to use a different set of pages for the narrower widths.

The results are great!

See the little example

What do you think? have you tried doing responsive designs in Axure?