If you’re getting started with Social Media marketing then you need at least 1 web based tool to help you.

For most businesses and individuals, social media marketing starts and ends with Tweetdeck. Which provides an all-in-one solution for pushing content direct from your machine. You need better tools for planning and managing your social media marketing.

However browser based tools for social media marketing are better suited for team or office environs - or if you’re like me, someone on the road in different offices who can’t have Tweetdeck open all the time.


SMM Damien Saunders | Klout Influence

Keep track of your social media status and influence, albeit using Klout’s own scoring. If you’re score was 0 today, then with Klout you can keep a baseline and only watch your sphere of influence grow.

Damien’s Klout score of 50 is an ambitious goal for most. Track your Klout in a diary and review the score each quarter (or monthly if you’re that curious).


SMM damien saunders GoSquared LiveStats

Real-time website visitor monitoring with GoSquared is achievable with their WordPress plugin. GoSquared, previously featured in a list of must have WordPress plugins. It is arguably on the best new tools in CRM - allowing you to look at customer intent and potential turn-off factors.


SMM Damien Saunders CoTweet

CoTweet has been praised before on my blog. I think CoTweet is the best free tool for managing Twitter in a team / office environment.. There are now paid-for services with more features, however HootSuite is not one.

CoTweet’s best feature is its calendaring tool for scheduling tweets when you’re sleep - and it works with a custom Bit.ly Pro URL shortener.


SMM Damien Saunders PostRank

Postrank has now been acquired by Google. That doesn’t mean its all bad news for getting a look at your rankings and general importance. Postrank is very good at monitoring Twitter, re-sharing content on Facebook for you and tracking engagement to your web pages.

Bit.ly Pro

The other tool I have to mention is Bit.ly pro now that this is free - why not get your own domain name so you too can share links like I do with my website. But that’s not all that Bit.ly Pro can do.

To find out more about starting your own social media marketing read on.

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