What could we do to make this site more useful? That’s a good question - and thanks to Kiss Insights its really easy to ask this of your website visitors.

It’s only one answer & takes one second

Web surveys should not be a bore and they should not be too long. We’re all so busy now and being asked to spend 15 mins on a survey is pointless.

I guess that’s what makes the KISS approach so powerful - keep it short and simple. With one question surveys, you get a broad number of responses and you avoid deep-dive surveys which can lead to focusing on just 1 customer’s personal experience.

Combine Kiss insights with website analytics

Using the results from Kiss insights you can check your web traffic logs / Google Analytics and start to look at what are turn-offs.

Take a deep dive into your analytics - like your 404 error pages and maybe you’ll end up with more actionable insights.

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