Home automation - Internet of Things - Arduino - Near Field Communications (NFC) - these may mean nothing to you right now but Google and Android want to make it something.  You only have to watch scenes from classic sci-fi or cartoons like The Jetsons to understand how humankind wants ‘automation’ to be a way forward.

In 2011, for the average person, automation is not much more then timers to make lights come on in the evening or ‘automatic’ door openers - for smartphone users, background services, multi-tasking and fast-swtiching are all things we’re waking up to. So with Android@Home, there are “no NDAs, no fees and no approvals process,” says engineering director (and former Sidekick founder) Joe Britt.

Today it is possible to create your own Home Automation kits - with timers, sensors and an internet connected control unit. Opensource electronics kits based on Arduino provide starter kits for the inspired inventor. That’s right it’s all invention - you take the kits, come up with your own plan and then build them.

This is where the Open Source projects like Android and Android@Home and Arduino bring as benefit to the home user - hopefully the entry level cost for such automation projects will be kept lower - just the costs of parts, electrical and computer knowledge  — and access to the Internet to help everything communicate.

The Android Open Accessory developers kits - is already available for reading in the Android Developers website - it will find a home in Icecream Sandwich v3.1 but could get 'back ported' to v2.3.4 devices.

Read more: http://www.techradar.com/news/digital-home/android-home-what-you-need-to-know-955045#ixzz1MLCgvX7O

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