WordPress makes it easy to publish your site for mobile users. It’s best that you always test your changes on smart phones but did you know that you can check most changes on using your Apple Mac?


Mobile Internet Solutions

WP TouchPro one of the best solutions to make your site ready for the mobile internet and smart-phone users. The key reason it is so good lies in the fact that it combines both a plugin and has it’s own mobile specific theme.

Out of the box, it will redirect popular smart-phones to a mobile version of your site with lots of options to change logo’s, CSS styles and support for custom pages, menus and more.


Testing Tools

Safari for Mac - Developer Tools

  • Go to Preferences
  • Select Advanced
  • Check ‘Show develop menu in menu bar’

Now just chose from the User Agents menu and enter your site URL in the address bar.


Did you know …. You can also use the Inspect Element tools to better understand CSS and check other changes on your site.


XCode iOS Simulator

XCode is not only great for developing apps for iOS devices, it has the iOS simulator which allows you to preview and test your website on an iPhone or iPad.

XCode is now free - so you can download it from the App Store and once that is done, open the app iOS Simulator.

Did you know … WP TouchPro supports web app mode - which means you can set your own icon for the home screen on iOS devices.

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