Newsrob is my favourite application for Android mobiles, it’s been covered in my 10 Best Android Apps** list a few times. Newsrob integratess with your account for Google Reader (which allows you to manage and read all your RSS feeds). Newsrob recently turned 1 and celebrated by introducing a Pro version and an Adfunded Free Version.**

What’s fantastic about Newsrob Pro

Newsrob Pro has a new feature that is great for any social media or mobile specialist. Newsrob Pro allows you to now share your articles with comments. In the free version you can only add it to your shared list.

The Newsrob Share with note is saved in the client until it next syncs with Google Reader.

Newsrob Free Version

The Adfunded Free Version is still the best Google Reader app. No features have been removed in the freeware version. The advertising is intrusive but you don’t notice this when you are on buses or the underground and ads only show on navigational menu pages. In the first image you can see the space that is ‘reserved’ for banner ads.

Newsrob has many helpful timesavers such as

  • Press the Star icon to indicate an article that is important to read again or print out at the office / home
  • Share by E-mail, Gmail to send that article straight to your colleagues
  • Offline sync / wifi download, so you can read articles anytime anywhere
  • Share Socially if you have Seesmic installed on your phone you can share the article you are reading there.
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