This is 2 minute guide covering how to get Virtualbox and install it on your Mac. You would choose to use Virtualbox for 2 reasons

  • Virtualbox is freeware in comparison to Fusion for Mac
  • Virtualbox runs inside your Mac so you don’t have to reboot like Bootcamp

It’s been some time since I visited my favorite topic, which is using my Mac OSx Snow Leopard to run virtual operating systems like Tiny XP, Windows 7RC or Ubunutu.

Getting Started with Virtualbox

You download Virtualbox from the main site, it should take only a few minutes. Always download from the main website just incase the files are corrupt or infected by viruses

Double click on the download to mount the .dmg file (for Windows converts a .dmg is like a disc image or an .iso)

Double click on the make package icon to run the installer. You don’t need to drag the icon to the Applications folder like other Mac apps.

Once its completed the install just close the Installer.

You can now think about how to install Windows 7, TinyXP or Ubuntu on your machine

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