Looking for somewhere to go -. Maybe you need to waste some time or want to find something else to try on your Google Android G1 or HTC Magic.

Google obviously has embedded a lot things into the phone - but here are 2 apps that were not installed on the Android phone when you open the box.

Places Directory

Price FREE   Downloads >250,000

updated - 21 Sept -- Even before augmented reality became a buzzword - Google Places Directory was already bringing Google Maps together with GPS / Location Based Services. The Places Directory is a search aggregator - easily find out the most talked about / blogged / reviewed Cafes in London. Trying to find a ‘Gas Station’ in Brixton might be a bit spurious - Gas Stations are not commonly found in the UK, but petrol stations are.
Places Directory is a great aggregator of content from Googles own directories, Wikitude, QYPE and food review sites etc. It’s still much better than the competition (think LAYAR) as its very quick and you dont have to join any new websites before you can use it.

Android Market - point your camera here

Voice Search

A new one, that I just found - and one to show your friends. Just speak and search Google. “Computer - take me to your leader”

Both apps are in the Android Market

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