Integrated marketing takes a new turn. This latest viral marketing video focuses on the state of the internet and is essentially a load of stats overlaid with a nice cheesy beat playing. All of the statistics are freely available metrics on social media usage, number of internet users, amount of spam mail.

Integrated Marketing Viral Video - State of the Internet

You have to watch the video first:

Even if you have watched this video infographic already and love it (yes I love it) watch it again. Think about what you like .

How does a Viral Video fit into a Marketing Communications Plan?

After watching the video - do you think Jess3 is a video production company? or a web research company?. In either case, ask yourself some of these questions:

  • what was the purpose of the video?
  • did it make you feel happy?
  • did you want to buy whatever it is they are selling
  • did you want to be part of 'this'
  • but it didn't mention any products! or prices?
  • what was the marketing message Jess3 were trying to convey?
  • and finally who are jess3?

Watch the video -

then have a look at
did you watch the video first?
So if Jess3 was not who they seemed to be - is the video smoke and mirrors or snake oil?

Now have your say on Jess3 or the video

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