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Step into the world of Baga, a Portuguese grape variety renowned for its distinctive character and remarkable wines.
Notable Regions: Portugal,
Tastes of: Spice, Black plum, Black cherry,
Style of Wine: Dry, Sparkling,

Cabernet Franc

Explore the timeless elegance of Cabernet Franc, a grape that lends its soul to some of the world’s most exquisite wines.
Notable Regions: France Loire, France Bordeaux,
Tastes of: Raspberry, Red cherry, Bell pepper, Spice, Violet,
Style of Wine: Dry,

Carignan / CariƱena

Carignan, a robust Mediterranean grape, crafts wines with rustic charm, showcasing red and black fruit aromas, firm tannins, and a structured finish.
Notable Regions: France South, Spain,
Tastes of: Raspberry, Cherry, Spice,
Style of Wine: Dry,


Explore Carmenere, Chile’s signature grape, celebrated for its lush tasting profile, warm climate affinity, and aging potential. Learn about common regions, unique viticultural traits, and esteemed producers.
Notable Regions: France, Chile,
Tastes of: Blackberry, Pepper, Spice, Herbaceous, Green pepper, Green bean,
Style of Wine: Dry,