WSET3 Palate Notes

Body - Medium / Full,
Acid - High,
Tannin - High,
Alcohol - Medium.

Tastes Like: Raspberry, Cherry, Spice

Prominent in France and Spain, deeply coloured medium to full-bodied with flavours of red and dark fruit and spices.

What you can expect to taste and smell?

Carignan is a perfect partner when blended.

  • Tempranillo
  • Grenache / Granacha (Priorat) - where it enhances the tannic structure

Old-vine Carignan in particular can produce wines with good structure and complexity.

Cool vs. Warm Climate

Cool Climate: In cool climate Carignan may not ripen

Warm/Hot Climate: Carignan is generally considered a warm-climate grape variety. It is most commonly grown in Mediterranean and other warm or hot wine regions where it can achieve full ripeness

Appelations / Producers of Note

  • France - Languedoc
  • Spain - Priorat


Carignan is enjoyable in its youth, displaying its vibrant fruit and rustic character.

Aging Potential: However, the grape can age gracefully, developing more complexity and smoothness with time.

First Published: Friday, Sep 22, 2023 Last updated: Sep 23, 2023

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