Delicious, that’s or for those who can remember it - is one of the original web 2.0 social media services that specialised in social-bookmarking. We should learn to love Delicious again now that they’ve got new owners.

Delicious is the original web 2.0 service we still love

A few years back when something called web 2.0 was really a fluffy concept, was the easy to understand social-bookmarking website. Delicious made web 2.0 easy to understand for social media virgins.

It was easy to tell people 2 key benefits of Delicious such as  - sync your bookmarks online so you never lose them and sync your bookmarks between home and work.

Curated Search Results - Tagging & Sharing

I still use Delicious for research, that’s because adding a bookmark to Delicious includes the ‘original’ concept of tagging - which makes it easy to find bookmarks again - and then you can search for what others have saved to Delicious.

One of the best uses of Delicious is the curated search results - Looking at Tag Result pages on Delicious gives you an idea as to what links are most bookmarked making it easy to reduce a SERP (search engine result page) down to the most important results (think about what Google is doing with social search).

Here’s a link to things tagged  web design … so go to it … start doing research using Delicious.

Can I flick through you bookmarks? Social Bookmarking

Delicious’ best feature as far as I’m concerned is social bookmarking. This basically means that Damien’s bookmarks on Delicious are shared publicly and tagged for easy cross referencing.

In a way social bookmarking is exposing my interests (and myself) and there is an almost voyeuristic pleasure to be gained from flicking through someone else’s bookmarked sites and articles. Just like being caught up flicking through someone’s photos on Flickr - flicking through someones bookmarks can be just as interesting - or not.


What are you using Delicious for?



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