Well hello Customer Service and Customer Management consultants - who here is reading this and is building a business case for improved customer service by moving customers to self care tools such as web forms and e-mail?  Most of you reading this are probably think about it constantly. THEN DON’T DO IT unless you’ve gone and tested it and got it right.

I recently got an iPad 2 - an upgrade from my first iPad - Some nice marketing product person at O2 figured out an email with a link to reset the iPad MAC address so I can continue to use free wifi would be helpful.

Screen shot 2011 05 19 at 15 31 34

So I went to the web form - and filled in my details

Screen shot 2011 05 19 at 15 32 37

And almost immediately I got an email back - NICE - I thought, prompt service.

but really, oh NO  - I must have been dreaming -

Screen shot 2011 05 19 at 15 27 04

Apparently, O2 is using a webmail form (hopefully linked to a good CRM tool) but it isn’t so up to date to deal with this special iPad MAC address reset form.

Top marks for testing your MAC address reset form.


Just wait for my story on another UK operator - after speaking to 5 different agents - I’m told to fill in an email form on their website. Grrrrrreat.

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