This billboard stands out as an example - Just an example of how disconnected ‘real world’ traditional marketing is from integrated digital marketing.

Great - several airlines have now got mobile apps that allow you to seemingly, easily get from home to the airplane.

What’s wrong with this advert?

  1. It’s only for iPhone - the image tells me straight away that here is another brand ignoring ‘other’ smartphones (or the only customers BA is helping are iOS device users)

  2. You have to go home and then visit the App Store - well actually BA - you could have put a friendly URL on your post  like (as the poster was in Waterloo station). Doing a friendly URL like this can make it easy to track customer interest / direct response to the poster.

  3. There’s a Barcode on the advert - this poster has a great example of QR Codes and it could have been used by many smartphones to go directly to download the app.

So there you go .. 1 big, missed opportunity to measure the effectiveness and customer interest in your new app.


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