There’s no better sound than the reassuring ‘Beep at the Checkout Register’. So now you have your own Android mobile phone -here’s a few barcode scanning things you can do at home or in the shops.

First you need the best Android Barcode Scanner - which now has integration with Google search on the mobile.

  1. Add a book to your Amazon Wishlist - just snap the barcode and save to list
  2. Catalogue your books at home using Anobiit from Anobii
  3. Catalogue your CD’s with Kooaba
  4. Look up reviews of that Wine you’ve just been drinking - Wine by the Bar is the perfect app for you
  5. Compare prices for that Electrical Gadget - Scan the Barcode and search online for it
  6. Create your own Barcode - After installing Barcode Scanner, open your Android Contacts .. everyone now has a 2D code
  7. Look up tourist guides from 2D barcodes -
  8. Find something new to put on your phone - will help you then turn on the barcode scanner and point it at the 2D code on the screen


To get the Barcode Scanner - go to Android Market on your phone or go to on your PC

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