Have you just got a new HTC Magic? or waiting for the HTC Hero to come out? Here are 2 must have apps to get for free from the Android Market to manage your wifi and data connections

Wefi - Manage your battery life and wi-fi connectivty

Turn it on to see if there are free networks around you - once its found somewhere, it will login if its free or tell you it needs a password. Turn it to off when you leave your home wifi and it wont look for other networks. Saves you battery and saves you time.

A new version of this was recently released - with a fresher user interface, which now looks a little busy. However it still does the job.

The developers claim the app will in the future download from the wefi.com website a list of the nearest wifi spots, but this feature is something they need - so long as it grows the list of international wifi hot spots

Wisync - Reduce your mobile internet usage when you dont have unlimited data

WiSync for the Google Android Phone is an application that automatically enable/disable syncing on WIFI (dis)connect. This will save you money for those without unlimited data plans. Also saves battery by preventing constant background syncing. Sync only when you turn WIFI on/off as you need

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