Hats Off (HT) to Wired UK for the tip about Curators’s Code. What’s the Curator’s Code you might well ask - Actually it’s a great idea to make content attribution easier and recognise that not everything you read on the Internet is new.

Content Attribution is not a licence to use

It’s great idea to always attribute and recognise your info sources - I should think it is mandatory if you are aggregating content (which is almost akin to stealing someone else’s work).

Attribution, even when done right - is not a licence to copy and plagiarise content. We know that the music industry is flogging a dead horse on this - copying that is. So do check before you HT or link via ( the Curator’s Code ) that the content your referencing is licensed under Creative Commons or Copyright law.

Symbiotics, icons and symbolism

The only thing, being a visual / design / marketing person that I have some issue with is that the Curators Code recommends using a rather unknown character symbol to represent HT and Via.

I’m not going to use them here - Symbols and Signs are very difficult to use when they are so obscure and not used in wider society.


What’s the Curator’s Code

Wired UK

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