Recently the blogosphere has gone a bit crazy, excuse my lack of hyperbole about the Android platform. Was this ‘Android’ supposed to do battle with the iPhone?

Just because no operators or manufacturers have openly commented about their smart phone sales figures doesn’t mean its bad news. Looking at the number of Android powered phones out now or due in the next 2 months shows a lot of promise

  • HTC Hero – some bloggers say it’s the best Android yet
  • G1 – the funny one with the flip out keyboard, still only with T-Mobile
  • Magic – Vodafone took this and the Android platform global
  • Tattoo – coming out again to Vodafone before xmas
  • Motorola DEXT – a lifesaver for Motorola – probably the phone that saves them. Reviewers go crazy about its Moto Blur interface

As well we know that Sony Ericsson have robot phones coming and the other manufacturers have been toying with this platform.

As far as smartphones go though – Nokia admitted recently they have lost some of their steam to Apple and have not being able to come up with a device that is just as iconic. Some sales figures for Q2 2009 still show Blackberry as the most popular Manufacturer.

So for Xmas will you want an Android?

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