29 Sep 09:  This is the better post to read: https://damien.co/2009/08/11/10-best-android-apps-for-your-phone/

Ok I’ve been using an HTC Magic for a few days now and I’m loving it - I’m so hooked I could almost get myself kicked out of the house, or have my ‘beautiful & precious’ phone smashed 🙁

Here’s what you too should try

there are so many free Apps in the Android Market that you can’t get bored. Given how much I use a phone and my focus on the mobiles and music, heres a choice selection

LAST.FM - its more a radio station here than the super Vodafone Last.fm Scrobbler (which you know I love)

NewsRob - it works with Google Reader - but I’m still not sure why there isn’t a GReader app?

Android-VNC-Viewer - once I got it working I loved it, but its a tiny screen, don’t use it for trying to control WinAmp or something, but its funny if you know how to use it to turn off windose 🙂

Toggle Wifi - its dead simple, but it still dont help if you then have to have a username or password for the wifi account

Barcode Scanner and Book Scanner - i love it - except when it goes beep in the bookshop (hehehe)

So whats missing?

  • a basic screenshot app like the s60 Symbian app
  • a VLC player for any videos
  • a WinVista fix as today you still can’t plug your droid phone into your Vista machine
  • a music store client that I’m happy to use
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