XNJB: is the app of the day for people who have used MP3 players from Creative technology. Moving to a Mac I was at a lose as to how to copy music to my Creative Zen and how to charge my Creative on my Mac.

This is where XNJB comes to the rescue and lets you copy music or charge your Creative while running Mac OSX 10.6 Snow Leopard.

XNJB should be bundled with Creative Media Players - after all these years and all the marketing hype around the Mac not having official support for Mac is sometimes a death knell or ‘dirge’ for any brand.

But how do I make this work?

  1. Install XNJB and Launch the Application
  2. Plug in your Creative with the USB lead and adapter
  3. Turn it on and XNJB will recognise it and dock
  4. Once you have done with moving music to your Creative
  5. Exit XNJB and leaving your player plugged in, it will continue to charge.
Tags: Apple, Creative, mac, mp3, osx, XNJB

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