WordPress Plugin DBC-Backup-2 banner

Here’s a bit of a post-mortem on DBC Backup 2, this was my first WordPress plugin which did a safe back-up and export of your SQL database.


DBC Backup 2 created its own SQL file and exported this to the users web folder (and later download was added). The original idea was not my own - I took on an ‘orphaned’ plugin. So it was something of a passion project.

DBC Backup 2 was download more than 14,000 times according to WordPress.org

So What Killed it? Why?

I stopped developing it in 2013 primarily due to changes in my life and work. I was moving house, had no development tools and was travelling every week for work.

In addtion MySQL and WordPress changed … so there was no longer a need for this custom SQL script, people could access PHP MyAdmin or other tools. The competition was fierce … there were other free options which had serious developer teams looking after them.


I wouldn’t use it in production now, it’s been six years. If you are interested in SQL and learning more about it and WordPress - DBC Backup 2 archive is now online.