So I noticed recently that Google has an index of everyone who has installed my plugin but hasn’t locked down their website. Which led me to wonder ‘If I could find these insecure sites via Google, should I warn them?’.

And so I did -

I’m a WordPress developer in the UK and I look after a plugin called DBC-Backup-2.

I’ve always loved DBC-Backup ( a plugin you are are using on your website ), so when I found out that no one was maintaining it, I decided to ‘adopt’ DBC-Backup.

Apologies but I noticed your website is running DBC-Backup and there is a security issue with it’s files being indexed by Google - just do a search for - and you’ll see your website is listed.

Can I ask you to go to WordPress and download and install the latest version of DBC Backup 2

Feel free to get in contact via or my own website

I’m not telling how I found these WordPress sites. But all I can say is that Security for your WordPress site is a bigger issue for ‘you’ then me.

It’s easy to make your WordPress website more secure - get in touch if you need a bit of help.