Social Media Marketing is a growing body of knowledge and everything about ‘it’ is in a state of flux and changing rapidly, It’s unfair to call anything a bible. I doubt this book will be around in 2000 years – and it’s twice as fat as any bible you might see today.

Admirably, I agree with the authors intention – to collect a lot of (good) writing in one place … but the material in this book has aged already and which means the book is only worth it at a discounted rate or for anyone starting out with their own website or social media novice. So I will point a finger at the publishers for letting this out the door in one volume. 12 smaller editions might have been better than one edition of the collected works.

When trying to find books on social media to buy - be warned, social media marketing, is not ready to sit still. Always be sure to buy the newest 2011 edition. Whatever you read when it makes it to a book will already have aged somewhat and even great platforms like Google Analytics, Gmail, etc change their look and add new features at least once a year.

Find it on Amazon -  The Social Media Bible: Tactics, Tools, and Strategies for Business Success

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