You’re never too late to start your 2011 Social Media Marketing Strategy - This year has gone so fast and I missed starting my Marketing Strategy on 1/1/11.  For many marketing people and businesses, developing your strategy is something usually done in the first 3 months of your financial year or calendar year.

If this is the approach your business currently takes, then realise that you’re leaving just 75% of the year to deliver 100% of what you set out to achieve.


What can you do to get started with a social media strategy today?

There is a lot you can do and today is always the best day to start.

The 3 most important steps to get your Social Media Strategy & practice off to a a good start are to watch, listen and learn.


Watch what others are doing with Social Media

  • Look at what people are doing with Twitter, Facebook, coTweet,  LinkedIn, Foursquare
  • Watch what your competition is doing with social media
  • Watch how you & others integrate social media marketing into existing e-mail, web, radio, press, outdoor marketing activities


Listen to what your customers are doing with Social Media

  • Listen to how your customers use Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter
  • Identify industry specific social networks that you need to get involved in
  • Join these networks and listen to what customers and non customers say
  • Listen out for bad customer experiences (for your brand and your competitors)


Learn the tools of the trade

  • Learn from Mashable, ReadWriteWeb (or contact me) to find out what tools you need to be using today.
  • Get up to speed with how you’re using Google Adwords
  • Learn good SEO practices - avoid the black arts of SEO and squeeze pages
  • Track how you’re ranked in Google for your keywords
  • Learn to tag your campaigns better in Google Analytics
  • Use coTweet or similar to integrate with your customers on Twitter, Facebook and elsewhere
  • Monitor and Report on Analytics


Spend 30 minutes a day and review the numbers

So get started today - spend 30 minutes dusting off your Google Analytics charts, find out what tools your company uses for social media - and if you can’t find any historical numbers, start tracking them.


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