Are you using Foursquare? Do you want your retail stores or promotions staff to start to use Foursquare too? If you already use social media marketing, then approx 15% of business are already using Foursquare

Here's 5 easy ways to start using Foursquare today.

Claim your business

Foursquare is a free business directory with all entries submitted by your customers. You need to claim your business.

Integrate Foursquare Checkin with traditional advertising

Feature the Foursquare checkin in your next print or email campaign and get customers to checkin. Also promote the Foursquare checkin on your  website, Twitter account and Facebook fanpage.

Followup via Twitter or Facebook

Send a reply to any messages on Twitter or Facebook for people who shout out that they just checkedin at one of your stores - even better monitor for message about people being the Mayor of your store.

Run a Foursquare competition

Start with an introductory offer of a free coffee for anyone that checks in at one of your stores. As this starts to grow you can try a number of other competitions like:

  • Run a Foursquare treasure hunt
  • Run a Foursquare scavenger hunt
  • Run a random checkin competition
  • Offers for Mayors

And remember to check that staff of the stores are correctly flagged as staff so their checkins don't count for competition purposes.

Track the stats

Use tools like FoursquareX or CheckinMania to find out how many people visit your business.


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