wooden artist dummy with UK flag

Just in time for Christmas - after 6 years of being harangued at Passport Control, questioned a million times and having to cough up around a £1000 a year for the past 3 years, I can now say I’m a whinging Pom.

And on my first day of being a Citizen of the United Kingdom - I was stumped by this piece of poor user experience design when applying for my British Passport.

To be honest - I thought this had to be a joke, to test how much I could remember from the Life in the UK test.

So pop quizz - Do I live in a Country called the United Kingdom? or a country called England?

Lets see -

  • The United Kingdom has a Monarch as Ruler - England has the same Monarch living and reigning here.
  • The United Kingdom doesn’t have United Kingdom Day quite like Australia Day, but England has St Georges Day and we still don’t get a day off for that.
  • Within the United Kingdom is England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and a few Principalities - England has England
  • The United Kingdom has a Prime Minister - England has none
  • The United Kingdom has Westminster Parliament - England has the London Assembly (everywhere outside of London doesn’t matter)
  • England is not a member state of the EU - nor is Wales or Scotland, etc
  • England is not a member of the UN
  • Even the French call ‘it’ Great Britain

Like seriously - I live in England, but its not a country. The Country is the United Kingdom.

Unless of course you consider yourself to be a separatist or nationalist from those independent countries of Scotland, Wales or - Jersey.