So I started this year with the thought that ‘2021 will be a year of movement and change’. How true that has turned out to be.

A day from now I will be in Brisbane, Australia; where we start new adventures and create new memories for my partner and 1.

Reflecting on the last 18 years, I have been lucky to live in major cities in Europe including London, Istanbul, Madrid, Vilnius and Brighton and got to meet some beautiful people who I count as my best friends.

I believe that exploring the world is the best thing any person can do. Interacting with different cultures, languages, history and people makes you a richer person and you have a wealth of memories and experiences to always reflect on.

I consider myself very privileged to have explored most of Europe. The quote ‘I have seen terrible things and also amazing things’ comes to mind - extremes of wealth and poverty in capital cities.

This is a planned move for my partner and I, but means for the next 6-10 months we will be living apart waiting for his work visa and this is something we can’t avoid. What happens next? we settle down, buy a house and who knows what happens after that.

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