CoTweet provides the easiest way for your business to start managing your company or brand on Twitter. If you already are using HootSuite or Tweetdeck you should stop for a minute and check you are doing the right thing for your business. CoTweet is designed for the multi-user / multi-site (!!) environment with assignment, archiving and other management tools - this means you’ll never lose a tweet again (or have to share the computer with your boss).

CoTweet - never say the wrong thing again online (again)

CoTweet should be the first tool your company uses for managing social media and it works nicely with your local policy. Because CoTweet is web-based you avoid having your personal account tweeting about work stuff thus avoiding personal / professional blunders.

Practical Reasons aside - your social media policy should make it clear to avoid any social media faux pas - but you are better off keeping some parts of your work / personal life separated right.

CoTweet on duty assistance

CoTweet is designed to be shared around so that more of your service team can manage your customers online. Using the CoTweet on duty status means incoming tweets are assigned to that agent. If they are out to lunch or happen to have their web browser closed, CoTweet emails them to tell them something needs to be acted on.

In all seriousness - this means you dont need to watch a Twitter Fall to spot the next thing to deal with

CoTweet to Schedule your life

CoTweet has a major Twitter power engine - you can schedule your entire life’s worth of Tweets.  Great news when I want to send out a message 10 times each day to get noticed.

If you are a digital planner or marketing campaign manager, then the scheduler is your favourite feature - you can queue up all your Tweets for that next big campaign and know they will go out without any issues.

CoTweet is free for Twitter

CoTweet has a standard edition which is free for anyone to sign-up and use. Did anyone say FREE ?

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