Eastern Europe might not be where you would expect to find social media marketing being trialled ‘so soon’. In Latvia, this week a Foursquare Swarm Badge party is being organised by a local mobile operator Bite Latvija.

Latvia is fairly new to smart phones - but Twitter has been embraced by internet users - first for finding and following news stories and now Twitter is more popular than Facebook.  So it must be possible to get 50 people in a room with a joint interest in new technology and mobile phones.

Considering there are official Foursquare clients for Android, Blackberry, iPhone then there should be more than 50 people in Riga who want Swarm Badge.

The Foursquare Swarm Badge is elusive - in that you have to be checked-in to a location with 50 other people. This usually means summer festivals or organised events. So for anyone using Foursquare in Riga - here is your chance

Local organisers and the company CTO are offering a free drink to anyone that comes along on Thursday to their new Mobile Technology Centre.