Mobile Games for Android phones are now improving. The Android Market has a number of very good games that will help waste hours of your time. The 3 best and most popular Android mobile games are:

Robo Defense (free and premium)

best tower defense game on the Android. Why? because your enemies don’t have a set route to follow. Its kinda like a long rugby or gridiron playing field and you have to stop them from getting to the other end.

Jewels (free)

line them up, three or four in a row and the crystals burst. Bejeweled it ain’t but its damn good. I delete this after a couple of hours. Defintley cause’s RSI pain 😛

Archipelago (free and premium)

you’re a WWII air fleet commander in the Pacific jumping from island to island. Tap and drag to divide your force and hopefully conquer and win the battle. This game is sooooooo frustrating! that you’ll have to delete it once you’ve been playing it for a few days.

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