I’ve been using Nokia’s for a while now - N95, N95 8Gb and the E71

Here’s the top apps I put on any phone when I set it up

Vodafone Last.fm Scrobbler - gee I ‘made’ this .. but I love it so. Scrobble what you listen to while out n about, underground or overseas, check your charts and what your friends are up to. This s60 app is fuly symbian signed and tested on a number of Vodafone networks - and its the only scrobbler for the Nokia 5800 so far.

S60 Screen Shot - great for when you need that shot for the website, product reviews or whatever. Saves pictures as PNG, BMP or JPG and can also take them automatically every few seconds.

Google Search - works great once you install it you have a little Google Search box on your phone screen - its a killer ‘app’ or widget that will help drive mobile internet usage

Nokia Mail for Exchange - the E71 comes with a number of push e-mail apps, but this is the best so far. Really its only let down is that you can’t copy an email to a task or flag it for follow-up (but thats the same problem for Blackberry too).

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