So I have had to rebuild my Mac running OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard 3 times in the past 2 days after having problems with a t-mobile usb modem which corrupts the hard drive.

Here’s the short list of my favourite, can’t live without em, just got to install them apps:

Best Apps for your Mac

  1. ClamXav - still the best and most recommended free virus protection for your mac
  2. Adium - pronounced like stadium, this is the multi chat application for the mac
  3. Skype - for free calls to the office and home
  4. Dropbox - for sharing files between the office and clients
  5. Mac Office 2008 - word, powerpoint and to some extent excel, because all my templates are Office based and the guys in the office use PC’s.
  6. The Unarchiver - the Mac compression utility is great, this just goes a step further
  7. Google Quick Search Box - this is only slightly better than Spotlight and its a fork of the Quicksilver code
  8. VLC - plays any videos you throw at it
  9. Firefox - the better browser for the mac


PrefPanes and System Tools

AppTrap - deletes the unwanted files from your Mac when you delete an app

Geektool - embeds calendars, notes, the time, temperature in your desktop. Better than Dashboard

Tinkertool - use this if only for the setting to disable the dashboard

Temperature Monitor - from the same guy behind Tinkertool, you’ll want this for the Geektool


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